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Elopement + Wedding Photographer located in Northern Utah

Photographing ARTISTIC, STORYTELLING Moments

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My approach to photography is to tell your story, in a unique way, all while helping you feel comfortable and at ease Helping you to enjoy the process. I shoot to capture the feelings and Details from your day, and give voice to them through photos.

Why Hire Me?



I’ve been photographing people for the past 12+ years. I’ve shot just about every lighting situation you can think of and feel very comfortable with low light, direct light, indoor light, high noon light etc. Bring it on! Except the fluorescent gym lights, you can just turn those off :) .


I am good at helping you feel comfortable in front of a camera. Unless you have your own reality tv show, you’re not used to having a camera staring at you for several hours and it can be really awkward. I’ll help you feel comfortable and at ease while I’m shooting portraits and then throughout the wedding day I try to remain as unobtrusive as possible, letting the day unfold naturally. If something crazy comes up, don’t worry, we can work with it.

artistic Perspective

My favorite part about being a photographer is pushing myself to continue to create photos for you that are unique. I am not just showing up to take wedding photos for you, I am showing up to create photos that have an interesting composition, use of light, or show beauty in the seemingly un-beautiful. I don’t want to go exclusively for the expected shot, the easy shot. The ‘put your hands there, and you put your hands there, now say cheese’ shot. But the ones that go a little deeper. That bring some emotion when you look at them. Or that show you something in a way that you never thought to look at it before.

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Some Good Vibes

Tai is AMAZING! She is so talented in capturing true raw emotion. I was so happy with how our pictures turned out. She is so fun and easy going, making our sessions feel so natural and relaxed. I would definitely recommend hiring her for any and all of your life events.

-Bri + Levi

Tai is unbelievably talented as a photographer/artist. She captures the most beautiful natural moments, and subtly directs moments that become magical. Her gentle approach made us feel right at home on the other side of her camera.

-G. Lubojasky

Tai’s photos always make me feel like she's captured ME. Anyone with a decent camera and some basic knowledge can take a good photo, but Tai's photos always make me feel like she's seen me, understood me, and managed to catch my personality in a still image. The photos she takes are so intimate and personal, and they're some of my most treasured possessions. She also has a real gift for making you feel completely at ease. I'm not someone who photographs well or particularly enjoys being photographed, but sessions with Tai feel like hanging out with a friend instead of posing for a camera.

-L. Marett


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