Photography Gift Guide: Some Awesome Stuff

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  I just wanted to share a quick little gift guide for those of you that are willing to brave the Black Friday storm and if you are one that prefers to do your Black Friday shopping online then this is perfect for you.  I've got a few fun suggestions whether it's for someone who is already a photographer or someone who is just looking to start out.  Some of these things I own and some I wish to own and I'll write a more in depth blog post on them another time but for now, I hope you enjoy the time you have with your loved ones today and have a great time shopping tonight and tomorrow.  Also, if you haven't read my previous post, check it out HERE  because it will be super beneficial for any of you that do any online shopping ever :) 

1. NIKON D700  I love this camera for it's clarity and low-light abilities and I'm not looking to upgrade anytime soon.

2. THIS backpack is on my Christmas wish list this year.  I am currently using the bag my camera came in and it is really tricky to fit everything in it that I need to.  I am struggling on which bag to get though because the leather one I'm going to link to is awesome as well.  Feel free to cast your vote down in the comments!  

3. MY DREAM LENS Literally every single time I see a photo I love and ask what lens they used it's this one.  So as soon as I have $900 lying around with nothing better to do, this sucker is mine!

4. MY CURRENT FAVORITE LENS  This lens rarely comes off my camera.  It is so versatile and works well for every type of session that I do.  If I could only own one lens it would be this one.

5. MY CAMERA STRAP  I just purchased this right after I did THIS blog post about some affordable photography essentials and I am IN LOVE!  It is a little darker than it shows in the picture and it is beautiful!  It's also nice and durable and I think it's going to last me a long time.

6. THIS bag!  Seriously I cannot decide between this one and the backpack and I just looked on Amazon and it says there is only one left in stock and I'm freaking out a little bit!  I don't think you could find something similar for a better price than this one.  They have the same one available at Sears but it's almost double the price.  In case it does sell out and you have to have it HERE it is at Sears.   

7. NIKON 5200  This camera is not manufactured anymore but you can still buy it.  It's a great camera for beginners and hobbyists. 

8. SCARF CAMERA STRAP  This strap takes honorable mention to the leather strap.  I'm still tempted to buy it because it looks so comfy to wear and it's so pretty!

9. BLACK AND WHITE FILM  This is my favorite black and white film of all time.  We used this in my black and white film class and I loved it at the time but the more I do digital photography, the more I have learned to appreciate film.  

10. FILM CAMERA  I really want this camera.  It's got awesome reviews and is only $90, which in the photography gear world, that's pretty cheap.  So if you're wanting to explore film this would be a pretty inexpensive route to take.

11.  COLOR FILM 1 and COLOR FILM 2  I ordered both of these after googling different types of film and shot on them but haven't sent them in to be developed yet.  I am pretty excited to see how they turn out though.  

Well that's it for my photography gift guide!  I hope you were able to find some things that are appealing to you or that you can get for the photographer in your life.  I hope you all have a fabulous holiday weekend!