A Disney Pick-Me-Up | Disneyland Photography |

It's a little bit embarrassing how often I pretend I am at Disneyland.  Or think back on the last time I was there or am planning when I am going to go there next and how I'm going to make it happen.  I would say about 40% of my thoughts are centered around Disneyland.  Dayne makes fun of me for it.  I am a little annoyed by it myself.  Anyway, long story short, I love that place.  So for those of you that need a little Disney boost today, here are some photos from 2012.  I have some from last year I want to share too, I just haven't gotten them edited yet.  But don't you worry, this won't be the last Disney post you see on here :) 

And for the heck of it, open this in a new tab and press play while you look.  It's almost the same as being there...almost...


Or listen to this song from the Paint the Night Parade because it's awesome.