Tiny Heartbeats and Playful Kicks: A Maternity Session

It goes without saying that pregnancy can be difficult.  It can be uncomfortable, to say the least.  During those last few weeks each day feels like a week in itself.  I think one of the reasons I love maternity sessions is that it gives you a chance to set those things aside and just see what is beautiful about growing a tiny life inside of you.  To wonder about what he or she will look like.  Whether they will inherit your good features, or the not-so-good ones.  What you might name them.  And how they will turn out.  Or if they will turn out :)  Maternity photos allow you to remember those thoughts and feelings.  To look back and remember how cool it was that you grew a human!  Anyway, I'm rambling a bit.  I hope you enjoy Jani's maternity photos because I loved taking them.  And, she makes pregnancy look good!