| VanLeuven: In-Home Family Session | Uintah Basin Family Photographer |

Messy hair, bare feet, baby skin, hallway snuggles, fort builiding--I LOVE the things that in-home sessions are made of.  It's not about perfection.  It's actually a lot about "imperfection" and the beauty that it creates in our lives.  I've been feeling such a strong drive to break out of the mold of perfection and trying to embrace life as it is.  No one has the perfect family and no one has it all together.  But that doesn't need to stop us from seeing the beauty that is still in our lives.  That's my favorite thing about photography.  It's almost like pushing a pause button or making things go in slow motion for just a moment which allows you to see things in an all-new light.  There was a time in my life that I just felt like I was just surviving and it was such a blur I hardly remember it until I look back on the photos I was taking during that time.  Life with a bunch of small children is hard and crazy and I didn't always appreciate the beauty that was in my life until I could look at those photos.  It showed me something I didn't recognize was even there.  Beauty and perfection when a lot of the time my life felt like chaos.  I think that's why I love in-home sessions.  I will always love getting outside and adventuring as well but their is something unique about doing a session within the walls of your home.  They have the ability to open your eyes to beautiful things and moments that surround you every day.  The walls of our homes hold the story of our lives and I love it when I get invited in to document that.