| Powell Family: In-Home Family Session | Uintah Basin Photographer |

I feel like I start every blog post off with "I loved this session so much!"  Well, this session wasn't any different.  It has been so much fun developing a friendship with a like-minded photographer.  We got talking about what photography means to us and how it is more than just perfectly posed photos but more about the deeper connection between those you are photographing and documenting that.  Showing those little moments that you want to remember forever, especially with little kids.  They grow faster than you can keep up with and they change so much in such a short time.  I want my photos to be able to remind you of how it felt to hold your babies, what their little hands on your face feel like.  I want them to remind you of the craziness but I also want you to see your presence in the lives of those that matter most to you.  So Malissa and I did sessions for each other.  She shot hers on film, which is the coolest thing ever and I'll link it HERE, so go check it out.  Her work is beautiful.  Anyway, on to the photos!  Enjoy :)