Modern Newport Beach Vacation Photography | Sisters at the Beach


For her the ocean was more than a dream,

it was a place she needed to visit to find herself.

And when she returned to the city,

you could see the sun in her eyes, the wind in her hair,

and taste the infinite salt on her lips.

-Jose Chavez

Photo sessions on the beaches of California are one of my favorite types of sessions ever. I can’t get enough of the magic of the waves and the color tones of the water. The movement and the energy of the water calms me but also makes me feel alive. I love taking my camera to the beach when we go on vacation to take my own family photos on the beach. They are some of my fondest memories that always make me feel good to look back on and I love how every time we go to the ocean, it's like we're all seeing it for the first time again. Each time we go to California we try to visit a new beach and this time we went to Crystal Cove State Park in Newport Beach (now a new favorite). The overlook at the top was beautiful!

Click HERE to see some engagement photography on Victoria Beach in Laguna. Another favorite beach of mine with a gorgeous lighthouse and black moss covered rocks.

Family beach photo session taken in Newport Beach, California by Orange County Vacation Photographer, Tai Lee Photography. Taking a vacation to Disneyland? The beach? Let’s capture the magic in the eyes of your children’s eyes. Because those memories deserve more than cell phone pictures. ;)