Senior Photo Session in Flaming Gorge, Utah


Ok I am WAY behind on blogging! I have gone into major hibernation mode this winter. Partly because it’s been super cold and won’t stop snowing, and partly because of life circumstances that have been really heavy to carry. But I have been wanting to share this adventurous senior photo session for several months now! I was really wanting to tell the story and represent the time of life that Jaesha was in and really wanted to go for an adventurous, free-spirited vibe and we decided the best place for that was Flaming Gorge, Utah. Jaesha was super easy going and laid-back, and we just wandered around end explored one of the most beautiful areas in Northern Utah. And I loved having her mom come with us and basically being Jaesha’s personal stylist. All of her outfit ideas for these senior pictures were perfect—we basically had a whole trunk full to choose from. So if you are needing some help with what to wear for your senior pictures, definitely check out these photos for some ideas! Also, if you haven’t been to the Flaming Gorge area, you are missing out! The drive through the mountains is really pretty, just watch out for all the millions of deer, and there are tons of scenic overlooks. You can also walk over a bridge and get a super cool view of the dam, and ride an elevator to the bottom to the river outlet where you can feed the fish, and potentially lose a shoe (ask my used-to-be three year old about that). If you’re looking for an adventurous place for a photo session, this is definitely a place worth visiting. Or if you’re needing some more outdoor adventures in your life—head to Flaming Gorge! Ok, now I’m starting to sound like a commercial for Flaming Gorge. Enjoy the photos!

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