Sisters: Best Frenemies | Uintah Basin Lifestyle Photographer | Utah Lifestyle Photography

The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark. 

-John Muir

Two girls and a kitten on the grass

These two are at the cutest age.  Their world is so imaginative and they create all kinds of experiences and adventures.  They chase and run around the yard and pretend they are homeless, or that one of them is a princess and the other one is the slave, etc.  And the kittens get to be integrated into that play whether they like it or not.  I often get caught up in day to day things but I love to pull out my camera and take photos of our everyday.  It's my way of showing to myself what is beautiful in my life even though my life often feels crazy, messy and full of swear words (spoken and unspoken).  It helps me see moments in a way that I don't as I'm going around stepping on legos and wiping bums.  I love photographing the everyday.  Because despite its annoyances, it contains its own beauty.  It's always there.  And taking pictures of my kids helps me better see it.

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