Goldie Lew Product Shoot | Uintah Basin Maternity Photography

Let the water settle.  You will see the moon and stars.



I loved doing this maternity/product photo shoot.  It basically had a little piece of so many things that I love.  We were by the water, had a breeze to add movement, two gorgeous pregnant mamas, and beautiful stone jewelry from my friend Jazlyn's Goldie Lew jewelry line.  She makes most of them by hand and also has some pieces that are Native American made.  I love the turquoise pieces that she has and I love the textures and mixtures of stone and metal that she implements into her designs.  I'll link her store down below (just click on Goldie Lew Jewelry) and at the end of the post I'll link a few of my favorite pieces.  She's even got some cute little pieces for kids.  Enjoy the photos from this maternity photo session!




It takes a village :)