Baby Maxtyn | Uintah Basin Newborn Photographer | Utah Newborn Photography


You found parts of me I didn’t know existed, and in you I found a love I never knew was possible.

I have finally found the way that I love to do newborn sessions. I used to do a lot of posing but I have grown into the perspective that babies are beautiful just as they are and I don’t need to try to fold them into any certain position to show that. I love to keep things low-key and relaxed for my newborn photo sessions and just go with the flow. That doesn’t mean I hang everybody out to dry, but the importance for me has moved from making sure the baby was a certain age and still sleepy and bendy, to just showcasing the baby at whatever age they are and capturing the love that exists and their sweet baby details that they grow out of in the blink of an eye. Newborns will always be one of my favorites to photograph.