Light and Shadow: A Personal Project

About five years ago I took photography course where the teacher talked about the three most important questions to ask yourself in photography.  Question number 1: Where is the light?  Question number 2: Where is the light?  Question number 3: Where is the light?  At the time I thought I understood what she was saying, but over time I have come to understand this on a whole new level.  And I have come to be inspired by light and what it is capable of creating.  Lens flares, haze, glow, shadows...the shadows especially.  The way shadows and light work together is so beautiful.  As I was walking around my house I really started to notice the way the light hit the walls, and the way it bounced around the house, the subtle glow it created.  I was so intrigued and started noticing how beautiful it was and how abundant it was, during the day and throughout the evening.  I finally decided to grab my camera and take photos and once I got started I had a hard time stopping.  Anyway, here are a few photos from that little project that I did.  A bit of an atypical home tour if you will.  Through a different perspective--seeing the light and the shadows and the beauty that exists when they work together.

Tai Grant