A Book Nerd and A Video Game Connoisiour: Two Peas In A Pod

These two are two of the coolest people I know.  Let me just give you a simple list as to why this is so, other than the fact that we are related :)

1.  They are unapologetically themselves.  They accept and embrace who they are.  They know what they want and don't want out of life and they pursue that.  They have opinions about things and aren't afraid to share them.  And their opinions are informed, educated opinions, not just headlines from facebook articles that they didn't even read.  With Dustin, you always know where you stand.  He is honest.  He doesn't give fake excuses when he doesn't want to do something or try to beat around the bush when he doesn't like something.  Lee walks around with blue hair, winged eye liner and fake eyelashes like it's nobody's business.  But not only is she gorgeous, she is intelligent and has no fear in sharing her thoughts and opinions.  Don't like it?  Not their problem.  

2. They are, in my opinion, the best resource to have around when you need a new movie to watch, book to read, or video game to play.  If you're looking for another vampire romance novel to read, you're not going to get that recommendation from them.  You might read something they suggest and not understand what was so great about that particular book, or you may not think you like it.  But if you look at their reasoning as to why they determined that particular book to be an amazing book, it usually ends up being pretty indisputable.  Some of my favorite books or movies have been suggestions from either Dustin or Lee.  And if you are a book lover, check out Lee's blog, because it will fuel your desire to read, which is always a good thing.  Linked below.


3. They love Disneyland and have re-ignited my love for Disneyland.  Lee also used to work at Disneyland which makes her the perfect person to go to Disneyland with.  When we went last October I felt like a little kid asking her all about the behind the scenes and secret workings of the Disneyland Park.  That place is awesome, and anybody that loves it is awesome.

Anyway, these two have been married for 3+ years and it was time for some updated photos of them.  I hope you enjoy :)