| Dustin and Lee: An In-Home Session | Uintah Basin Lifestyle Photography |

I LOVED doing this session so much!!!  It was the first time I did an in-home session for somebody.  I've taken tons of in home photos but they have almost all been in my own home of my own kids so it was definitely a push outside of my comfort zone.  I went into it without much of a plan and just went with the flow.  But the one thing I knew going into it was that I was going to love it.  I love going into people's homes and catching a small glimpse of who they are.  I loved seeing the tape they left up around the trim because they haven't gotten around to peeling it off, and now if they peel it off it's going to tear the paint off.  I loved seeing them grab a couple books and lounge around while they read them.  I loved seeing their thermostat set to 77 because they're big wimps and can't handle the cold.  And I especially loved them playing Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo.  Super Nintendo forever!!!  It was fun.  And I really want to do it another one like it.  

Painting above the couch by Karen March.  Click HERE for her facebook page.