Tye and Bri Part 2: Sunrise Engagements at the Beach | Southern California Engagement Photographer

I am not a morning person.  And I'm rarely willing to wake up early for anything.  However, the ocean has my heart, and I will do anything for it :)  Dayne (hubby) and I discovered Victoria Beach in Laguna while we were beach hopping and it was so cool.  The lighthouse, the black rocks and moss on the rocks was so beautiful.  The waves would just hit the rocks over and over and we just sat there and watched it for hours and I knew this is where I wanted to shoot these engagement photos on the beach.  I only got soaked once, and Dayne saved my camera (and myself) from getting major drenched which would have probably ruined my camera, or possibly carried me out to sea. :) I was a little too in-the-zone.  I loved doing this sunrise engagement photo session on the beach in Southern California.  It was magical.

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