Kirsten Merinda, Artist | Salt Lake City Studio Branding Editorial


I saw her dancing there,

beside the moon.

I watched the stars

as they watched her with envy.

Then she saw me, scattering stardust

from her eyelashes.

She stopped mid-dance, caught

in between eras.

I had found my stolen moment.


What a gift to collaborate with another Utah artist in a branding editorial photo session. I think I may have found a new favorite type of photo session—I loved doing this branding photo shoot with an editorial vibe. I discovered Kirsten one night when I couldn’t sleep and was browsing around on Instagram. Her paintings captivated me and I could tell that I found another lover of the ocean, stones, and galaxies. I see all of that in her work. There is so much depth, richness, softness, movement, and subtle hints of metallics in her paintings. I could look at them and watch them the same way I can sit on the beach and watch the waves roll in over and over and over again without ever tiring of what is before my eyes. You can see the properties of water and light in these photos. Each piece really is incredible. One of the really awesome things about looking at an artist’s work like this, is that you are able to see a bit of what is within them and Kirsten is every bit of an amazing person as you can see in her outward expression of herself. She’s open, honest, and sincere and I really enjoyed getting to know a fellow Utah artist.

To see more of Kirsten’s work visit her site HERE. She is currently having a sale, so take advantage!