Intimate Sand Dunes Engagement in Little Sahara, UT | Syerra + Thomas


“I’ll show you the stars and gather them up. Then I’ll spread them in the sky so that they paint your face and spell your name. So that when you look up in the night you’ll remember me,” I said. “And wherever I am, I’ll be able to look into your eyes.”

I spent three weeks with four kids and no husband. One of those weeks I had four shoots. Craziness? Yes. Tons of fun and very adventurous-feeling? Absolutely. Did I forget Easter until the night before at 9 PM, make a quick run to Target, and then hide all the Easter stuff in a closet of a hotel room? Maybe. Can I count on two hands the amount of Mountain Dew I consumed to have the energy to keep driving and keep shooting? No. I’m not sure how it went as smoothly as it did, but I’m not complaining. We had an awesome time.

This is one of those shoots I did towards the end of my week. I love love love the sand dunes in Little Sahara, UT. The wide open, neutral landscape is gorgeous—minimalistic even. I love the natural curves that the hills create, always slightly changing because the wind blows those tiny little particles all over the place—every camera’s worst nightmare. (In case you didn’t know, sand can DESTROY you camera if it gets inside. So, be careful).

Wandering around the sand dunes allowed us plenty of space to get photos that felt like we had the place all to ourselves. It was Easter weekend so there were a lot of ATVs buzzing around. But we found our own little corners and spaces that we were able to have all to ourselves and create a space for these two to have a moment to themselves, away from everything, together. I hope you enjoy. Watch for a few black and white film photos throughout.

Tai Lee is a wedding and elopement photographer based in Northern Utah and specializes in capturing artistic, documentary wedding, elopement, and family photography.