Your adventure begins here...


Hey there!  I'm so excited to be able to get to know and photograph your family!  I take the same approach to photographing your family as I do with mine.  More than anything I shoot to capture a feeling.  There are little moments, feelings, and connections that take place as you spend time with each other that I watch for and photograph.  Sure we'll get some posed stuff but I like to set up scenarios that allow for everyone to be able to move and enjoy each other instead of feeling like you need to stand around and wait for me to tell you what to do next.  No need to yell at your kids and tell them to look at the camera.  I'll talk to them and capture the look in their eyes in a natural way.  If they hear their name too much they just start to tune it out anyway.  Have a kiddo that is super clingy and you are their safe place?  That's ok!  Let's document that.  

I love for photos to feel natural.  Movement is photos is one of my favorite things ever.  I like to play with light and use it creatively.  I go for emotion every time.  And even though I don't like to be super posey, I get that there is a place for those kind of photos sometimes.  I typically love photos that show details, emotion, and where people aren't actually looking at the camera, but I also believe the eyes are the window to the soul and I want to shoot that too. 

Photo Session tips

1- Build up the session to the kids.  There's no need for bribes when the event itself is the reward.  Talk to them about how much fun we get to have and that a lady with a giant camera is going to be following them around while they play and snuggle their family.

2 - Have a spouse that doesn't love having photos taken?  That's ok.  I have had quite a few men say at the end of the session that it wasn't as bad as they thought it would be, or even that they kind of have fun.  I'll count either of those as a win!  There's always an exception but for the most part I just see it as a time to be together with the people that mean the most to you in a pretty location.  Nothing much better than that.

3 - Chapstick and Lotion!  Dry skin and lips are hard to edit!

4 - Stuffed animals and pets welcome!  Also, if you have a cool blanket or quilt bring it along!

5 - Try to relax and not worry about looking like a weirdo.  If you look weird I'll tell you! :)

6 - This probably seems obvious but make sure everyone has had something to eat and has had a drink of water.  This can make all the difference sometimes!

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Q&A (Head on over to my q&A page on my website for more)

What if it rains or the wind is crazy?

This is a tricky one, but I will often try to wait it out until about an hour before our session and decide what to do.  The weather often clears up seemingly in the nick of time.  But if nothing settles down or continues to get worse, we will plan on doing photos another day.

What if my child acts up?

I'm used to it.  I've got four kids, so I'm not afraid of a grumpy kiddo.  Try not to stress it.  They usually loosen up.  And worst case scenario, if they don't, even though it may not be funny at the time, it will be a memory that you can look back on at laugh at.  I've got those photos of my kids as well and I love them now!

How and when do we get our photos?

They will be edited and ready to view about 2 weeks after our session. We will get together in person (or online when necessary) for the slideshow reveal. We will then talk about how you want to enjoy your art work of your loved ones. I will help you completely through the ordering process and make sure that we get exactly what you are wanting and needing. Your prints will arrive in about 3 weeks after we order.

What should we wear?! 

My number one question of ALL TIME!  I cover this in my Q&A section on my website but I'll go over it here as well.

I would say I get this question for 99% of my sessions.  I've put together a family style guide on Pinterest of outfit colors, patterns and textures that will help to enhance your photos.  Your clothing can really help take your photos to the next level.  Here are my general recommendations.  Keep in mind, if you disagree with my suggestions, let's talk.  I want you to look and feel your best in your photos and these are just suggestions, not rules.


  • Neutrals, earth tones and metallics. And when I say neutral, that does not mean everything has to be black, white and grey. Every color has a neutral. You'll see that in my Pinterest boards.

  • Clothing that has movement. It photographs well and is typically more comfortable and more forgiving.

  • Mix textures, patterns, shapes and accessories to bring interest. Avoid large, bold patterns. They can be distracting and take away from the main focal point--YOU!

  • Colors that are complimentary to your skin tone

  • Hats, scarves, necklaces, blankets etc.

  • For in-home sessions go for comfy/cozy


  • Bright colors and neons. They reflect onto the skin and make someone's skin the color of your neon green shirt. Not cute!

  • Avoid reds, oranges (unless you've got an olive skin tone) because of how it can affect your skin tones in your photos

  • Watches (can be distracting when your hand is up by someone's face)

  • Matching--try to complement each other so you don't blend together

Bottom line, wear something that speaks to who you are that you feel comfortable and great in and rules are meant to be broken.  Feel free to text me photos of some of your outfit ideas.  Once you book your session I will have a style guide that I will send over to you as well.