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My name is Tai, and no I'm not Asian.  I'm aUtah native and still live in the small area I grew up in which is why I think I'm always itching to get out and explore. I’ve been a professional photographer for 11+ years which means when I started, I shot on a 35 mm film camera. I am the mama of four kiddos and five cats (six when the neighbor cat comes looking for my girl kitty).  I'm married to the coolest guy who supports me in all my crazy adventurous ideas and we've been together more than half my life.  I think he thinks I go to Disneyland too much but he knows better than to try to interfere.  California is one of my favorite places to be and anytime I've got a chance to go I'm out of here!  The ocean is my soul mate and I think I used to be an ocean in another life, or maybe a moon.  I'm naturally an introvert but I know when to come out of my shell and really enjoy getting to know new people.  I think people are super interesting and one of my favorite things about being a photographer is getting just a small glimpse into their lives.  I've got a pretty dry sense of humor.  Everywhere I look I see a photo.  It never turns off.  It's a gift and a curse (100 points if you know what show that line comes from).  I've watched an re-watched Monk, Psych and Gilmore Girls more times than I can count.  I'm a book lover--always have been, always will be.  I haul my giant, heavy camera around just about everywhere we go.  Sure, it's a hassle and is probably wrecking my neck, but I'm slightly addicted to it and feel like the more I shoot, the more I learn and it has helped me feel confident in shooting in any situation.



BOOKS: never let me go-kazuo ishiguro | life of pi-yann martel | the night circus-erin morgenstern | a monster calls-patrick ness 

SONGs: familiar-agnes obel | you're so cold-two feet | only the young-brandon flowers | I'll drown-soley | awake my soul-Mumford & Sons | crossfire-brandon flowers | hinnom-bon iver | 5 Years time-noah and the whale

PODCASTs: This american life 

bucket list: iceland | the redwood forest | big bend national park | Positano, Italy


I put all I've got into each session that I do.  I want to give you the best I've got to give, every single time, which is what I would want out of my own photographer.  Ready to see some pretty pictures?  Click the white button.